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Player Can't Access OnDuty Menu "Unrecognized escape sequence \D."


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No response within 2 days. If the issue persists, please open a new thread.

By Alex W., on 12/29/21 08:38 PM.


One of our members is having issues with FivePD. It has just started happening to him. He is unable to open the OnDuty Menu, and in his keybindings, it only shows some of the FivePD keybings, not all of them. It is only happening to this player.

He had joined another server FivePD Server and when he came back to ours he started having this error. He has already cleared his cache, and it did not help.

Here is the error he gets when logging in (the blue is his username blocked out)


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11 hours ago, Slimbert said:

Go into the "USERS" section of your SQL database and delete him from the table. Next time he joins it should fix the issue. Let me know if this helps!

The FivePD Database, not the main server Database right?

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