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WILL B here (William Birkin) I'm a die hard resident evil fan and Pro Umbrella Supporter. I got started in role playing on AOL user-created Resident Evil chat rooms. I moved onto a popular Resident Evil rp-board style site. There I found the rules concrete in that there was no more Raccoon City no original characters and so on; following the release of Resident Evil Nemesis and the end to Raccoon City.


My character was PsycKorious Eukaryote (psy-cor-e-us U-carry-ought lots of people have a hard time with pronouncing it.)

He was a silent investor in the founding and continued business of Umbrella with a special role in the company's hierarchy as Chief Executive Officer of financial Dispensation. Basically that means anything to do with spending within in the company period went through him first. His position as he saw it was above Lord Oswell E Spencer. In my Character's world he formed the company with Spencer solely through monetary backing. Long story short he intentionally short budgeted several aspects of the company's activities leading to exploitability and inevitably the release of the deadly t-virus. 


The forum loved my character and leant me the moderators ears on a proposal to have a limited time and size special roll play event allowing for the Raccoon city time line to be re-opened. It was immense and I had to moderate it myself but it was the most role playing fun I've ever had next to being Chief of Police in a Second Life Sim called Clearwater. 


The day was like any other in that it was boring and desolate apart from some paramedics training at the firestation. My character, just as board as me, decided to light up a doobie from the evidence locker and that's when he got a brilliant idea. What better place to enjoy that joint than up in the air at dusk. So he climbed into the department bird and took her on up to watch the sunset. A gust of wind took him by surprise and he lost the joint in his lap. In a hysterical fit of panic he struggled to procure the downed joint but lost control and slammed the chopper into a residential condo tower. As the player I had to edit the chopper-object and slide it inside the building to simulate the crash. No sooner had I done that when mutual aid appeared from another Sim out of nowhere. 


In the span of just a few minutes the Sim went from dead to Alive. EVERYBODY showed up, guests, residents, mutual aid, off duty first responders, the moderators, and the Sim owner. What a spectacle they did behold. I had never heard a more professional crew of real life off duty firefighters attempt to role play the rescue of my stoned police chief and on voice no less! 


I truly have a passion for role playing. 


I've been biding my time waiting for my chance to join the greats such as my heroes Jeff Favignano and Bay Area Buggs. Whom I have watched from the shadows since their shenanigans in GTA 4 online. 


Now I have a computer that can some what play gta 5. I must say that it is wonderful to finally join this community and the greater community at large. My humblest Thanks to every one of the members of this community players and creators alike that make this all a reality! Truly my most heartfelt thanks.  


I have played gta 5 on Ps3 since day one in 2013, moving onto Ps4 and now onto PC.



In Gta 5 my characters once again are:

PsycKorious Eukaryote

Morgan Calworthington 



Is the founder of Humane Labs and Research. I have the only Humane Crew through Rockstar (that I know of) with 69 members as well as my organization is Humane Labs RND. I take it seriously just as I take being a part of the community and my role playing here in as my personal business. I'm ready to pour my blood sweat and tears into making a Humane based mod not unlike Lspdfr. 

I have no expectations here with Humane as I may not be the first in that race. Or i might just not be allowed to role play it here period. However, with that said meet Morgan. 


Morgan Calworthington the billionaire eccentric and Oil Baron of the multinational oil conglomerate RON Empire. If the backstory and ownership of Ron is a problem that's fine I just meant him really to be an eccentric civilian to spice up things for the first responders here with his Texas sass mouth. Anyways im really looking forward to meeting ya'll! 


Peace love and steers 



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