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I want to find a good game with less lag I get around 60 FPS in GTA and I wanted to know about how much I would get in GTA 4. Also is it worth it for my YOUTUBE like do you think people would like it? I always have lag spikes in GTA 5 and I have half FPS when recording, so 30 FPS and Choppy is not fun at all. I just want to play in a Roleplay Game and also stream for all of my fans. Thank you if someone could let me know their input!

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I get lag spikes sometimes on gta v too and I have a good gaming pc. I run smooth on gta iv with 4k ENB/textures  lcpdfr, ELS and so on,  Personally speaking I get tired of gta v sometimes so it's always fun to return back to Liberty City. Just keep in mind LCPDFR does cause a lot of crashes

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Can't say whether or not you will get lag on IV. Biggest downside to IV is they shut servers down a while ago and it's famous for having horrible memory leaks. You might be one of the lucky people who can play for hours with no issues or you'll be one of those people that can only play for an hour.

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Always worth testing it out!


Looks like theres a few people on YT running (recent) GTA IV LCPDFR videos and getting quite a few views out of it. Here is one of those examples: 




I've always struggled with GTA IV's instability on my PC - Even tried reinstalling it a couple months ago but she didn't start up. I believe someone released a cool Liberty City map mod for GTA V that gives you all the benefits of GTA V's graphics but with GTA IV's map. I don't have any personal experience using it but GMAntonZ has a few neat videos showcasing it. That being said, not sure if this will help your lag problem 😝


Here is one below:



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