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Traffic Stop not working.


Reason for Locking

By TheCipher01, on 11/14/21 07:36 PM.


Problem Solved!




I have a problem with FivePD using with some scripts too. Mostly i can preform only one traffic stop, after some time this option just disable itself? When i click SHIFT to blip any car nothing happens, doesn't got any error in server/client console.


Server running on my computer with MySQL saving.

Using ESX Legacy and some other scripts.

Custom police cars (but with default ones doesn't work too)

FivePD Audio

Car Callouts

And my plugin to get vehicle owner etc. to my radar (i can post source code, but im 100% sure thats not the reason).


Tried to using OneSync, without OneSync, tried to hold SHIFT for 5 seconds (and sometimes more), tried to restart script, tried to switch between duty - nothing.

Tried to remove my plugins and other addons (fivepdaudio and CarCallouts) - nothing too.

Im sure thats not esx or other scripts fault, because it's working fine 2 days ago.


It's looks like FivePD just disabling traffic stop function after some time of game (even with off duty!)

Everything else like callouts, mdt etc. working fine, just traffic stop not.


Current im on the newest artifacts (4960) and newest build 2372 (Los Santos Tuners), also tried on old builds and artifacts, but same problem.


Please help me.




Sometimes i see this error in client console:



Currently have 110 resources.

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Same problem with base fivem scripts (like. spawnmanager etc.) and fivepd.




Again this error y5rdzha.png and after few minutes traffic stop not working.




Seems like i forgot to remove resource "renzu_fuel" on my main and test server. Without this script it's working ^.- So. FivePD doesn't like this fuel script, problem solved.

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