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FivePD User Management/Restricting Access


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We are using FivePD to train real law enforcement officers and one of the things we are struggling to figure out, is how do we restrict access to the server?  We are using VMenu, but can't find a way to prevent someone without proper credentials to login to the server. I realize this might be more of a FiveM question but after searching for "fivem restricting access", "fivem security", "fivePD security" we have had no luck and were hoping someone else has dealt with this and has guidance?


Thank you in advance - apologies if this isn't the right forum for the question - feel free to delete/move as appropriate.



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You can use a whitelist resource that won't allow anyone other than those steam ids allowed. Or discord if you would rather use that. Just search something like "FiveM steam whitelist" or "FiveM discord whitelist" and then go from there.

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