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How's it goin', eh?

Allen Goose

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-What brings you to GPM?

I originally stumbled across you folks while googlin' cars for LSPDFR some time back a ways. Decided to join when I found your tutorial vids. I really enjoyed those, btw. Learned a lot. 

Over the last year or so I've been watching a lot of 5M RP YouTubers and, ngl, 5PD looks fun as hell. (pardon my language) So, like any true, overly enthusiastic gamer, I began a knowledge quest of all things 5PD. I rented a basic zap server and, armed with your tuts, easily set it up with the resources I wanted. My goal is to be familiar with menus/controls/mods/etc. I mean... who wants to be the noob who is actually a noob? Am I right, fellas? lol. Anyways, I imagine I'll be taking advantage of your support channel in discord. Gonna spend some time poring through the forums first.

-Tell us about yourself.


Canadian, as evidenced in the title. Avid gamer. Friendly.

Thanks for helping me learn stuff, my dudes.

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  • Community Administrator

Welcome to GPM!


Glad you've enjoyed what you've found here, FivePD is definitely a lot of fun. Good luck on your adventure of running a FiveM server 😛 and if you do need help as you already mentioned don't hesitate to reach out in discord or create a thread here on the forums!


Happy Patrolling and Learning!



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