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Callouts not working


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By Alex W., on 09/10/21 03:08 PM.


Greetings all,


Since the update to v.1.5.1, I have not been having callouts pushed out to users. I can go into the debug menu and force the callouts no problem but this is a problem as those without admin privileges  aren't getting any sort of callouts. I have validated OneSync is turned off, I am not running ESX or any other form of system other than FivePD in the server. Callouts work perfectly fine when I force them via the debug menu. I have reviewed to make sure there are no "disabled" callouts in the config file. What else am I missing? 



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Make sure that people are in the departments area of patrol if you have one set up and not just one over the entire map. While I can't say I've seen this issue before with 1.5 there are known issues with spawning  services/peds that this could be related to. Make sure there are no errors in both your in game F8 console and the server console when loading FivePD. Also make sure the callouts are up to date.

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