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FivePD - Tick Failed to Run (v1.5.1)


Reason for Locking
No response for 2 weeks. If issue presists open a new thread.

By TheCipher01, on 08/22/21 05:47 PM.


Looking for some help. We've been getting this error, after you go on duty. Everything is working fine, so I am not sure what this is affecting. Just looking for some tips on where I need to look. Wasn't sure if this was a bad callout or something. I know we have a few added in, not from the base FivePD mod.

fivepd failed to run tick for statuscheck: system.nullreferenceexception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at trafficstopmenu.statuscheck+<status>d_0.movenext () [0x003d] in <0c4009576334393a38ffb8ffb8d9c41e931>:0

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