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FivePD stopping when there is no license


Reason for Locking

By TheCipher01, on 08/13/21 11:06 PM.




so today I updated FivePD (from 1.4.1 to 1.5.1) on my server and got the following problem:

By default, FiveM gets your license and gives it to FivePD. But if a player is banned from the server, this license is not there.

FivePD then sends this message: 

[ script:fivepd] [ FivePD ] An error has occured: The following player: `` does not have a license identifier. License identifier is required to play FivePD.

[ script:fivepd] [ FivePD ] Unloading FivePD...


Is there any method to avoid that? Because it sucks if there has to ba an admin online to permanently restart fivepd ._.



Edit: Before I updated FivePD, there was just a message in the console to tell me that there is an user without license, but FivePD didn't stop.

2nd Edit: After testing for a while, this error also occurs in FivePD 1.5.0


~ Paul

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I believe this will be fixed in the next update. For now make sure players all have steam or discord linked to their FiveM account, it should help mitigate this issue. There isn't an ETA yet on when this update will come out as it is a rather extensive update that has to be made to fix some bugs found with 1.5 and 1.5.1

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