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Script Error


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By Lucky, on 08/13/21 11:19 PM.


Ok so i am still getting this error with "1uhgxGT56" with a bunch of ??? marks.
I was able to get a pic of the error. This time it actually stated "Script Error"
I have updated my server to 1.5.1
I have only the stock callouts in the server. 

Any ideas on what could possibly be causing this error?

Script error.png

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thanks for the reply


this is an error that is constantly showing up. 
im not sure if it is causing any issues with Fivepd. 
only thing i have noticed is sometimes cars will get all wacky. 
whatever it is its always the same thing stating something in the actual Fivepd_client.net.dll:0 

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Ok so me and a buddy were on just now testing. 
What ever that error is im not sure if this is relevant to it 
the Peds tend to run for a split second when cuffing, Vehicles pull over kind of weird sometimes. 
the animation for the cuffing is broken if you "bump" the arrested ped they no longer show "cuffed" 

These are just some of the weird things i have noticed currently. 
i also have a ton of "failed to run a tick" from the same "1uhgxGT56". 

Thanks in advance for any help/info on whats going on with this. 

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