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FivePD Error 'Could not load player data'


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By Lucky, on 08/13/21 11:13 PM.


Good Evening,

Sometimes, when users join their F11 menu won't work, when they join the console shows an error of;

[       script:fivepd] [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Could not load player data for `Harybo05`. Message: Unexpected end of content while loading JArray. Path '[0]', line 1, position 50.
[       script:fivepd] [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Could not check player registration status for player `Harybo05`. Message: Player data could not be generated

This person for example has been working fine for weeks and then all of a sudden this error happens and then I have to delete their user from the Users table within the database the FivePD will register them again.

What is causing the error and how can i resolve it. They could be playing 10 other people and be the only one with the issue. There is no errors reported when the FivePD script starts and it doesn't effect everybody within the database. The database is utf8_bin.


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