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No PEDS showing when arriving to calls

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By Conway, on 05/31/21 02:49 PM.


Hello! I had installed FivePD onto my server about last week and whenever myself or friends accept a call, we will respond and there will be no PEDS on the scene to interact with. This happened with every call, only occasionally would PEDs spawn, it's got like a 4:1 ratio, 4 calls have nothing and 1 call has them. It's frustrating since we want to stream on it and show what we have and shit. I looked everywhere on the internet and saw that no one had this problem so I am quite confused. 

We also reinstalled FivePD twice, two different people each time, to see if we did something wrong upon install but turns out we didn't.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Turn off onesync and try again, or use onesync compatible callouts. The default callouts aren't compatible with onesync.

+set onesync off 

In the start up file will disable it.

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