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Hello, GPM, my name is Ian and I've been interested in the GTAV Police Modifications for about three years now, and I found out about it through YouTube.  I'd love to put in an application for the Law Enforcement Department, but can't seem to figure out how, but thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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Hi there!


Welcome to GPM. Although to clear up some confusion, we don't have any "Law Enforcement Department" GPM is a website for mod authors to release their stuff to the community and the home of the FiveM modification FivePD. If you're interested in joining a FivePD server on FiveM you can find plenty of them here or you can make your own server and install FivePD onto it. Or if singleplayer is more your thing you could look into LSPDFR to get the same interaction with AI. Feel free to join our discord and ask for help in thee appropriate channel or create a support thread here on the forums and if someone can answer your question they will!


Enjoy your time here at GPM!





Community Administrator

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