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SetData function


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Hi there,


I'm currently trying out the different kind of options within the PedData class, but I'm kinda stuck on one small piece: changing the expiration date / status of a license.I took a look at the API Docs, but the example shown there looks incomplete to me. 


I tried the following code:

this._suspect = await SpawnPed(RandomUtils.GetRandomPed(), Location + 1);
this._suspect.AlwaysKeepTask = true;
this._suspect.BlockPermanentEvents = true;
this._suspect.SetIntoVehicle(this._vehicle, VehicleSeat.Driver);

var newSuspectData = new PedData();
newSuspectData.FirstName = "test";
newSuspectData.LastName = "test2";
newSuspectData.DriverLicense = new PedData.License();
newSuspectData.DriverLicense.ExpirationDate = "13/03/2022";
newSuspectData.DriverLicense.LicenseStatus = PedData.License.Status.Revoked;

// Used to debug the status of the data.
var pedData = await _suspect.GetData();
Debug.WriteLine("" + pedData.DriverLicense.LicenseStatus);


The first and last name of the ped get changed, but nothing changes about the status of the license. It looks random. I even tried the following:

this._suspect = await SpawnPed(RandomUtils.GetRandomPed(), Location + 1);
this._suspectData = await this._suspect.GetData();
this._suspectData.FirstName = "test";
this._suspectData.LastName = "test";
this._suspectData.DriverLicense.ExpirationDate = "13/03/2022";
this._suspectData.DriverLicense.LicenseStatus = PedData.License.Status.Revoked;

The same thing happens here: first and last name get changed, but status of the license is still random.


I'm really flabbergasted at this moment. I have spent way too much time looking at this issue so I could really use some fresh eyes. 

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