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EUP for ZAP server hosting


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By Lucky, on 08/13/21 04:50 PM.


I'm currently running a server through zap and it had a tutorial of how to install eup, I followed it to the letter, but I get these messages in the server logs: 


Started resource NativeUI
Couldn't find resource eup-stream.
Couldn't find resource eup-ui.


Also when I type /eup in the command menu nothing happens.

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I've had issues with this as well.


Just make sure that you are using a server key (that you bought) that is a FiveM Element Club Argentum ?+ server (you can donate here)


Also, when you donwload everything, just clear your server cache.. 


If that doesn't work, lemme know and I'll try my best to help ya out ?

Devin Conway

Development Discord: Click Here

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