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What is going on guys, HDgamerzPC here


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What's up guys? My name is HDgamerzPC and I am excited to see how this community grows in the near future! Some of you may know me from a few areas of the GTA community.

I've been around since 2012 and since then I have been involved in a few RP communities for both IV and V. Some I was just a member and some I held more administrative roles.

Up until two years ago I was also a YouTuber in the community where I mostly played with the Pinnacle Gaming group.

Today, I am most active in the model development scene as I release car mods and scratch a lot of the parts that I use, some of which gets released to the public.


I enjoy being able to help out the community and hope that all of you have a great experience here at the all-new GTA Police Mods website. If you need anything, feel free to reach out!

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