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how to fix default material shader issue (Can not obtain Shader material from "Default Material".)


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i cringe every time i see that 14 minute video posted explaining how to fix a very minor error which takes seconds to fix.

the lazy way: select all materials by clicking on the first material and shift clicking the last material. all the materials should be yellow then double click on "Shader Material" without checking the box. your default material preview should have a visible reflection




the tryhard way:

step 1: find the culprit (the second, third, fourth, ect default material in your material editor) and rename them to something other than default material (as the zmod select by material tool is something really dumb and selects the wrong material with the same name). i suggest "default materialkjnhadfgskhjgsdfa" because its getting deleted anyway.

step 2: select the whole car and go into polygon mode

step 3: go to select --> [by material] --> and select your renamed material. this should select polys

step 4: assign said polys to a different material that is not "default materialkjnhadfgskhjgsdfa" in the properties menu

step 5: when you assign those polys different materials go back to the material editor and delete "default materialkjnhadfgskhjgsdfa"



the lazy way always works and 99% of the time theres 1 poly that isn't even visible so its not worth spending 14 minutes of your lives on something miniscule

now thank me for my service to the community

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