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Callouts Loaded but Models not appearing


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 04/13/21 02:32 PM.


Hey Guys,


So I have tried to install some callouts that worked  on my old server. Now that I have made a new server with updated FivePD and FiveM there is an issue whereas the Models are not appearing when I get to a callout. Example, If I reach as scene of a Theft, the theft wont spawn in and it is like the call never happened. Would disabling onesync fix this? Or is there a different underlaying issue? 


Thanks for the support

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On 3/29/2021 at 2:51 PM, TheCipher01 said:

It is highly likely that disabling OneSync would solve this issue.

Hey guys!
I do have the same problem. Where / how can I deactivate OncSync. Is it a server setting, FiveM or FivePD script. Is there a tutorial somewhere. I searched the internet but I only found some weird information from 2018 ...

I would be really glad to get a hint to solve this problem.


Ok I found it by myselft. If somebody has the same problem here is the solution:

I think the easiest way to set the onesync to off, is to go to the txAdmin via Browser. Settings --> FX-Server (Tab) there you can put it off.

Another solution is to take away the argument setted on the louncher file:

I hope that helps. I will try if this solves the problem from above.

Best wishes


For me that solved the problem.

Thank you for support

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