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MDT won't open; only the cursor becomes visible when pressing B


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By Conway, on 07/11/21 10:16 PM.


I've had an issue where the MDT would not open at all for me, and pressing B would just show the cursor like it was trying to open, but no MDT screen would pop up. For a while I dug around on Google and these forums and was never able to find a solution to this; all people who had the same issue never posted a solution from what I could see. Well, after trying to come back to FivePD again to see if it was fixed, I finally discovered the solution and I just wanted to make a post to inform others who run into the same issue. In my case the issue was due to an old install of Reshade that I had forgot was even present. It was causing anything browser-based in FiveM to not display, including the stuff at the main menu before doing the connect command which I didn't even know was supposed to be there. Uninstalling Reshade immediately fixed the issue. Since I had forgot I had reshade, I didn't think to search for compatibility issues between it and FiveM or FivePD, which made solving the problem considerably more annoying. Hope this helps someone.


Also a random side note, when I search "MDT" using the forums search box no results come up but there's no error indicating why, perhaps because the search term is too short? Not sure the reason, but it makes trying to solve MDT-related issues a bit tougher.

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