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Non ELS LAPD Pack - Releasing 04/01/2021

SoCal Thero

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Hey Everyone,


Going to be finally releasing my Non ELS LAPD pack that will be FiveM ready very soon. If you haven't catched it yet a video showcasing the different vehicles and features is attached below. Some of the features on the vehicle are:


- Extra 1 = Rambar (If Applicable) 

- Extra 2= Working Driver side Spotlight

- Extra 3 = Working Spotlight Up Passenger Side

- Extra 4 = Spotlight in Down Position Passenger Side

- Extra 8 = Forward Light setup

- Extra 9 = On Scene Light pattern (Recommended with Extra 8, 10, 11, 12 off

- Extra 10 = Center Out TA Pattern on Bar (Must have Extra 8 turned on to work)

- Extra 11 = TA Bar From Right To Left (Must have Extra 8 turned on to work)

- Extra 12 = TA Bar Left to Right (Must have Extra 8 turned on to work)


Vehicles in Pack:

2000 Chevy Tahoe (Rotator Bar)

2008 Ford CVPI (Rotator Bar)

2011 Ford CVPI  (Arjent Bar and Slicktop)

2014 Dodge Charger (Arjent Bar)

2015 Ford Taurus (Arjent Bar and Slicktop)

2015 Ford Explorer (Arjent Bar and Swat Slicktop)

2016 Ford Explorer (Valor Bar and Swat Slicktop)

2020 Ford Explorer (Valor Bar and Swat Slicktop)

Lenco Bearcat (Valor Bar)

Pierce Mobile Command Unit (Code 3 XR21 Bar)




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  • Management Team

Looking nice! Best of luck with the release ?

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Kind regards,



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