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Radar Stopped Working and the Game Closes


So, for the past couple of days, I have not been able to run radar on the FiveM server that I play on. Everyone else is able to, but when I click on the F6 key, it disables all of my Function Keys. I have to hit ESC three times to get the Function Keys back. Then, while I am playing, the game will randomly kick me back to my Desk Top without stopping the game. Kind of hard on my cars and other players when I am chasing a vehicle and suddenly I whined up on my Home Screen. Then I have to hurry to jump back into the game. Please HELP! I thank you all in advance.

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The issues you're describing doesn't sound as a FivePD issue, more as a FiveM streaming issue. When playing with different players, the server and client side are having to streamline the vehicles and other addons to both you as the client and to the server with other players. Some players computers or internet aren't able to take everything coming so the game could suddenly freeze and tab you out, forcing you having to wait and tab back in. As far as "F6" key, FivePD does not have any keybinds set to F6, so this has to be a server side script or a client menu that is enabled. 

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