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Issue with FivePD not working for two people, but works for everyone else.

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By BGHDDevelopment, on 03/17/21 05:53 AM.




I have a server where I have FivePD installed. It works for everyone but two people. When both of them are in server together, FivePD only works for one of them. The other person does not see the FivePD writing at the top left on their screen. When the other person disconnects it and we restart the FivePD resource then the other person can play. However, as long as they're both in server they cannot play together.


When it works for one of them, they have the same account name and same callsign. When one of them tries to change it, it changes it for the other person.


How can I fix this issue? 




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7 hours ago, TheCipher01 said:

Do they each have their own copy of GTA V?


Yes. One has steam copy and the other has a disc copy. Could having the same copy of GTAV be the reason?

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On 3/9/2021 at 6:15 PM, TheCipher01 said:

Yeah if they have the same copy of GTA I would expect it to cause issues.


I'll talk to them and have them try reinstalling their game.

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