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I'm new to callout coding - I have a question

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So I am slowly trying my hand at coding some basic callouts. I have some coding experience (not a lot in C# though) and I am trying to wrap my head around this and use available resources.

I want to spawn a car, and then put the suspect in the car and have them drive away when the player arrives. Here's my issue:

I can't seem to track down the proper coding to have them hop into the vehicle that I have spawned. Is what I have below correct? Do I need to use the VehicleHash.Adder each time for the same vehicle? How do I tell the suspect to enter the vehicle that was spawned OnAccept?



public async override Task OnAccept()
            suspect = await SpawnPed(RandomUtils.GetRandomPed(), Location);
            await SpawnVehicle(VehicleHash.Adder, Location);
            suspect.SetIntoVehicle(VehicleHash.Adder, VehicleSeat.Driver);
            victim = await SpawnPed(RandomUtils.GetRandomPed(), Location + 1);

        public override void OnStart(Ped player)
            suspect.Task.CruiseWithVehicle(VehicleHash.Adder 60f, 0,);


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The issue with what you have executed is that you are spawning a vehicle, but not assigning it to anything. Therefore, when you try to set the suspect into the vehicle, it's not executing properly as you are trying to spawn it into a VehicleHash, when I believe it needs to take a Vehicle.


Try this:


vehicle = await SpawnVehicle(VehicleHash.Adder, Location);

suspect.SetIntoVehicle(vehicle, VehicleSeat.Driver);


You would also want to assign the vehicle object that was just created in the OnStart, rather than another VehicleHash. Remember to add a comma to seperate each param as well.


public override void OnStart(Ped player) {


        suspect.Task.CruiseWithVehicle(vehicle, 60f, 0,);


Sorry for using quote blocks rather than code blocks, code blocks aren't working for me at the moment.

Hope this helped 🙂


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This is awesome help! I was running into issues also because I forgot to define the vehicle at the beginning. Did I do this correctly?






I love learning this stuff.  The video series from @BGHDDevelopmentis what got me interested in trying my hand at coding these. It's a departure from the CSS and HTML that I am used to working with for my job, but it's welcome and I hope to keep growing in my knowledge. Any resources are welcome and this community has been great and so helpful. I hope to be able to contribute some callouts once I am done nailing down some of the basics.

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