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TeamSpeak 5 Beta


How do you feel about the look of the teamspeak beta?  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like the look of the beta so far?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Would you choose TS5 over discord?

    • Yes
    • Hell no

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I do not know how many people here got access to the beta, so i'll post some screens and lets get your input on it for those that do not have it. Currently not a lot to show, the screen shots will show you how it looks throughout opening it and the different options. I've also included a screen shot of what the "Lite" mode would look like over the dark mode.



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  • Management Team

I have very high hopes for TeamSpeak 5. I'm sure many people miss using TeamSpeak 3 as I do too lol. Time will tell how they will compete with Discord. ?

Kind regards,



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I'm curious to see how this will compete with discord. I loved TS2 and TS3 and used it aggressively for years (wish I still had that amount of freetime). Overall I believe it looks pretty good but if I already have everything on discord, what's making me switch?

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43 minutes ago, HDgamerzPC said:

I want it to look the same though lol. And how is the plugin support? Bc at the end of the day that's probably what's keeping TS3 alive.

Unknown as of right now, I haven't tried adding any but I'll go out on a limb and say there will be support for it because that's what TS is known for.


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  • Management Team

Ehh, I have mixed feelings. I used 3 for a long time, but now I'm mostly a Discord user. TS3's server settings were particularly scary when it came to it's permission system... one wrong option and all hell broke loose. ?


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I thought it would be way better than what i'm seeing in the beta. I personally do not think they will be getting many new users at all. Both the incredibly long wait for just a beta to be released and Discord's huge popularity now (including people who switched from TS to Discord) I feel it will be hard to bring TS users back. On the topic of permissions, the editor is no where to be found in TS5 beta, unless I just have yet to find them. After years of development and the beta doesn't have features to allow for proper full use is unfortunate. 


Even though Discord's permission system is no where near as detailed as TS, I think due to it being so easy to use that people might not even consider TS anymore. Obviously both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the audience you ask, you'll probably get a bias answer to the question of which is better. I would consider myself a quick learner and can pick up new things easily, however, I am still fumbling around TS5 accidentally closing out of servers thinking the little X is closing a menu and other little things like that. I suppose this could just be me being an idiot, but I find the layout to be not very user friendly. Doesn't really matter what I think though, get a code and try it yourself.

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