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FivePD not writing to fivepd database

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By TheCipher01, on 02/13/21 08:37 PM.


I have an odd problem.  I've set up a fivepd database, run it live with xampp, and the config.json points to that database.  However, the game doesn't write to the database.  It's saving departments and users somehwere, just not the database.  It also isn't saving citations or arrest reports at all.  I'm not sure where the information it is saving is being saved, and don't know what further troubleshooting steps I can take.  I've even tried renaming the database and pointing the config.json to the renamed database.  Nothing helps.  There are no errors in the console, it loads users and departments like nothing is wrong.

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That go it fixed!  Thanks!  I'm getting an error that it could not execute MySQL Query (Update) though.  it says there is already an open associated with this connection which must be close first.  I think that's just becasue I was running heidisql at the same time to verify that it was writing to the database though.

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