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The following player: `` does not have a license identifier. License identifier is required to play FivePD.

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Reason for Locking

By TheCipher01, on 01/29/21 06:36 AM.




Hey! Been playing FivePD on our FiveM server for quiet a while now, however, recently, i noticed the Y debug menu and the Z menu wasnt working - when connecting, i noticed this warning message which i feel may have some relation to it - although im skeptical as other players on the server do not get the error yet they cannot use them keys either.


Before anyone has a go, i have attempted all steps on there minus the resource collision, just as we never had a problem with it previously - so before i start a fresh server i just wanted to ask and see if anyone had any other bright ideas on why the Y/Z buttons dont work if its not related, and if it is, perhaps if there is something obvious that i can try?


Thanks in advance if anyone can assist!



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I have resolved the issue! Not sure how to mark this as solved - although that license issue still appears, doesn't seem to be doing me no harm so ill keep ignoring it 😄

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