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**WAVES** Hello All!

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First, thank you for anyone who is reading this and hope this post finds you well.


Secondly, I am a 36 yr old married man, father of two, and run a Dave & Busters. My life revolves around fun and at the core of that is being immersed in whatever I am doing. My passion has been video games from Atari & Nintendo all the way to now with my Alienware and PS5. My free time is mostly spent with my family but my kids have gotten into gaming and sharing this aspect of my life with them is so much fun. I have a  6 yr old girl named Ellie and my 3 yr old is Ethan. Ethan loves Police cars since his Grandpa used to be a NYPD Sergeant this seems like something he would enjoy watching his dad do. I always wanted to join the police like my father before me. but a career in restaurants opened up early for me and I could not turn down the money. Fun Fact: I was the youngest person to ever own an Outback Steakhouse at 25 yrs old. I enjoy a sense of community and being part of a community that is always evolving makes this something truly unique. I have watched Jeff and Buggs content since before coming to this community and followed them over. 


I am eager for where this post takes me and the great people I can meet along the way. Some of the best friendships I have had in my life have been through gaming whether its World of Warcraft, or Star Wars Galaxies long before that. 


Thank you for your time!





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Welcome to GPM!


I'm sure you will find plenty of great people here! Running a Dave & Busters seems like a fun time. If you have any questions feel free to reach out either through the forums or join our discord and ask!





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