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FivePD Not Working - Cameron Maxwell

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By TheCipher01, on 01/10/21 06:40 PM.


I have a VPS through Modern Solutions and My Dev Team and I have been trying for a week to figure out why FivePD isn't working. I have gotten help from Grandpa Rex, he could not figure out what might be going wrong, The resource is started, because the FivePD loading screen works. The Database is setup correctly and we have tried changing "sqlite" to "mysql", but it seems when we load into the server the FivePD watermark is not there and none of the menus open, I looked in my key bind settings and FivePD binds were not even listed. All the callouts load when starting the server. The only error I could find will be in a image below. I was just wondering if anyone could try and help us fix this issue? I will provide any images from configs that I think could be helpful. 




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