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By TheCipher01, on 01/05/21 11:45 PM.

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Hello everyone. So I have ran into an issue with FivePD that  I am not sure what is going on where the 911 are dispatched but, when you accept the call, the blimp will populate on the map and then in the top left corner, you just get a pinwheel on the 911 call information and then it never routes you to the call or gives you call information and disappears. I have tried a fresh install of FivePD, I have tried reinstalling the mysql database, I have even tried re-creating the entire server and we are still having this issue. 


We are running on the latest Cfx build and getting no error messages in the F8 menu, we are running FivePD version 1.3.1, we are running XAMPP 3.2.4.. The callouts I have in are CarCallouts, FivePD-Streetrace, Vehicle incidents, and then just the default callouts that come with FivePD. 


The only other resources we are running are our police vehicles, an anti seat shuffle script, SEM_Interactions menu, Disabled dispatch, eup, Lux vehicle control, The latest version of vMenu, carhud,  a fuel script, a wk_wars2x police radar, RP death, and a postal map. 


Please let me know if there is any other further information that I can provide to you. Thanks! I have uploaded our server.cfg and screenshots of my  txadmin resource list







server 2.JPG

server 1.JPG

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