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Discord | Cannot set users admin

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By BGHDDevelopment, on 01/13/21 03:18 AM.


Hello all

I am having trouble setting me as a admin on my discord server using the command 

!fivepd admin set "Discord Name" [Identifer]

I am not sure what the "Identifier" means


Please help thank you

I am sure its something fairly simple.


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Okay the player has to be in the server for this to work.


The syntax will be


!fivepd admin set @discordname 1


The 1 on the end is the players server id number, 1 is just an example it can be anything.


You can find it by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard and finding your name on the scoreboard

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Its not that I turned it off. But base FiveM removed the scoreboard resource. Only reason I know this is because I just did a fresh install.


I am already set Admin on the database. is that the whole function of that admin command?

I was more interested in the kicking and banning feature it has.

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They have removed those functions as they were unstable. So yes at this point that is the only function of it.


Not sure if I'm allowed to do this but for admin functions I'd recommend using txAdmin as it comes pre built into FXServer.exe

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