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Multiple issues since 1.1 (callouts, server crashing, etc)

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By Conway, on 01/02/21 11:48 PM.


Hi Guys,

I had a FivePD server running on the 1.1 branch with MYSQL DB and had no issues.

- Default callouts

- Custom callouts

- Custom vehicles

- Backup requests

- 10+ other 3rd party FiveM mods

I since updated to 1.2 to see some new features (namely loadout and vehicles for specific departments) and do away with the MYSQL DB.
However it seems to have been constant issues since. I looked at this for a month or so, updating through to 1.2.8, but never fixed the issue.

Today I deleted my game server directory, installed the latest FiveM server and loaded only FivePD 1.3.
- People can now accept backup through the computer


Not Working
- People can't accept callouts, or backup requests through the Y key. - keybindings have been defaulted and cache cleared, but issue persists.

- Server becomes unresponsive and crashes regularly (no useful information in console)

- Whilst on duty you receive a wanted star rating - no AI attempt to stop you though


Is there something I'm doing wrong here, or should I cut my losses and go back to 1.1?


Thanks in advance!

Server Info
Windows Server 2012 R2
4 vCPU cores
200GB SSD backed storage
1Gbps internet connection

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- Whilst on duty you receive a wanted star rating - no AI attempt to stop you though
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