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FivePD v1.3.1

Daniel K.

Message added by Conway,

This version of FivePD is out-of-date; we recommend using the latest version to avoid issues. Support/Bug Reports/Suggestions may/will be ignored for old/older versions. 

Grab the latest version of FivePD here.


Happy Patrolling 🚔!

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  • Development Team

Hey everyone,


This small patch should fix a few annoying issues.


  • Database connection/desync issues when a player is trying to connect to the server ( + department  )
  • MDT crash/freeze after changing and saving the department details and clicking on "Delete ranks"
  • A random error when there were two items in the vehicles.json "police" array with the same "vehicle" values
  • "bans" table from the database
How to update (from v1.3)
  • Replace:
    • computer folder
    • __resource.lua
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
    • FivePD_server.net.dll
  • (optional)
    • Delete "bans" table from the database ( SQLite + MySQL)


Config editor app

We've made this app to let you easily modify your config files.





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