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2020, a Year in Review

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Message from Ray


This year we accomplished so much change in the GPM platform. From releasing FivePD to various website changes and improvements, the work has just begun to start. As we start to enter the 2021 year, we plan on releasing several critical changes to the GPM platform, such as a brand new marketplace system unique like no other, FivePD updates, and much more to come. However, this article is to look back since January of this year and showcase some fundamental changes that occurred within GPM has brought to the community. I know I've said this countless times but thank you to all of you who share your great content within our platform. Thank you to all of our members and staff for the great success that we've had. For that, I am thankful. In conclusion, on behalf of the entire GPM team, we wish you all the best holiday season and a great start to 2021.


Kind regards,

2020 Statistical Data

Download Statistics: https://i.imgur.com/xurDyXf.png

Gallery Statisitics: https://i.imgur.com/IYLPQpr.png

Year to Date Registrations: 43,567+ members registered

A Year in Review

January 2020:

  • The first ever public announcement of FivePD was released. (HERE)
  • GTAPoliceMods announces that we will enforce not only our guidelines, but also developer's own terms of service. (HERE)
  • Discord Integration added to the website. (HERE)
  • First FivePD Developer Update Article (HERE)


March 2020:

  • GTAPoliceMods announces the 'Content Creator' usergroup within GPM. A way to help grow and promote big and small developers within the platform. (HERE)
  • GTAPoliceMods Twitch Announcement (HERE)


April 2020

  • New website theme is announced (HERE)
  • Ray's FivePD Message (HERE)
  • FivePD API Released (HERE)
  • FivePD v1.0.1 Released (HERE)


May 2020

  • GPM COVID-19 Announcement. GPM Raised $731.50 towards Feeding America. (HERE)


June 2020

  • FivePD Discord Bot Released (HERE)
  • FivePD v1.1 Released (HERE)


July 2020

  • GPM One Year Anniversay (HERE)
    • Trust Factor announced
    • New download system announced
      • Filter by tags, File Preview, Popular Files
  • New Logo and rebranding (HERE)


September 2020

  • Monthly Giveaways for Nitro Boosters (HERE)
  • Louisville Metro Police Foundation Fundraiser
  • FivePD Insider Program Announcement (HERE
  • docs.fivepd.com released to assist 3rd party developers


October 2020

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser (HERE)
  • Verified Developer Changes (HERE)
  • GTAPoliceMods and Sonoran Servers (HERE)
  • GPM Fall 2020 Update: Time for a Fresh Coat of Paint (HERE)
  • FivePD Server Browser Released (HERE)
  • FivePD v1.2.8 Released (HERE)


November/December 2020

  • Wounded Warrior Project (HERE)
  • Vanity URLs, Website Upgrade, and More! (HERE)
  • FivePD v1.3 Released (HERE)
  • "Q: What is GPM's stance against leakers?" (HERE)



Thank you for being a part of this ever-growing community. We are sure we probably missed something; however, those are just the highlights of some significant changes/announcements this year. We are so excited for next year and the years to come.


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Kind regards,



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