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[Solved] IsControlJustReleased don't work

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Hello everyone,

I'm doing a interactive callout for Christmas. But when I want to check if a controller is just released, nothing work. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just buggy but anyway, here is what i wrote : 

private async Task OnTick()
            await BaseScript.Delay(1000);
            if (_askReady)
                Screen.ShowNotification("~y~Pressez ~r~K~y~ pour indiquer au Père Noël que vous êtes prêts.");
                Screen.ShowNotification("askready = true");
                if (API.IsControlJustReleased(0, 311))
                    Screen.ShowSubtitle("~y~Père Noël : ~w~Qu'est ce que vous attendez ? Allons-y maintenant alors !.",5000);

The script is just supposed to display a dialog message when the key is pressed but nothing happens.
I still checked if I entered my first condition by displaying "askready = true" but it is indeed the case.


Does anyone have any idea where the problem is coming from?


Thank you in advance

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