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FivePD v1.3 - Update ⭐

Daniel K.

Message added by Conway

This version of FivePD is out-of-date; we recommend using the latest version to avoid issues. Support/Bug Reports/Suggestions may/will be ignored for old/older versions. 

Grab the latest version of FivePD here. (In case you're having some trouble finding it through the snow!)


Happy Patrolling 🚔!

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  • Development Team

Hey everyone! 


It's been a while, but finally, a new FivePD update is now available, adding new features, fixed, design changes, and more!


NOTE: It is recommended to wait a few days before updating,  but it's all up to you.


  • Option to toggle spike strip availability on certain police vehicles:
    “isSpikeStripAvailable”: true/false
  • Option to toggle the duty notifications on server-side (config.json )
    “dutyNotification”: true/false
  • Scene management menu customization (more info in the Config guide PDF )
    • objects
    • speed zone speeds and radiuses
  • Callout exception timeout: If the callout can't be spawned, it'll be ignored in 30 seconds to prevent 'hanging' calls
  • Callout loader (can only be seen if the callout takes more time to spawn, can be seen frequently in OneSync)
  • Partial OneSync support (still not recommended!)
    • Callouts may fail to spawn frequently, especially those that are very far away from the player
    • If you experience these issues frequentlyturn off OneSync!
  • New Callouts:
    • Updated @NorthCam18's CommonCallouts
      • Domestic Dispute
      • Parking Violation
    • Active shooter
    • Unconscious Person
    • Slow Vehicle
    • Mugging
  • Callout info window design ( now displays the department logo ! + a bit lighter color scheme )
  • Ambient event blips
  • Errors in the vehicles.json validator
  • Allowlist wasn’t working properly
  • Cruise control could be enabled if it was disabled in the duty menu
  • Server hitch warning with FivePD (resource-heavy operations, such as saving data could have caused it - both MySQL and SQLite were affected)
  • A bug when you spam the accept callout button and could accept the callout multiple times
  • "Internet connection is required" should not be shown randomly
  • An issue where plugins would load earlier than the script itself, leading to unexpected behaviour
  • MDT error messages are now displaying the "real" error instead of "unexpected error"
  • Optimized a few more events
  • Experimental bot features (kick/ban has been removed)
    • Potential crash issues associated with those commands
  • mdt_vehicles.json
    • Vehicles will be used for the features that require police vehicles from the vehicles.json
How to update (from v1.2.4)
  • Add:
    • config/scene_management.json to your config folder
  • Replace:
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
    • FivePD_server.net.dll
    • FivePD.net.dll
    • computer folder
    • __resource.lua
    • remove mdt_vehicle.json -> use vehicle.json (see config guide)

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