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FivePD v1.3 - Update ⭐

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Reminder: This is a release note, used to show off GPMDS' amazing work with the FivePD Addon, and it's new features! 


If you require support please review the Included .PDFs, the Five Help Docs, and other pinned resources. If you do require support. Head over to the FivePD Support Forums, and start a thread! (Make sure there isn't one already!)

Happy Patrolling 🚔!

FivePD Download (In case you're having some trouble finding it through the snow!)

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Hey everyone! 


It's been a while, but finally, a new FivePD update is now available, adding new features, fixed, design changes, and more!


NOTE: It is recommended to wait a few days before updating,  but it's all up to you.


  • Option to toggle spike strip availability on certain police vehicles:
    “isSpikeStripAvailable”: true/false
  • Option to toggle the duty notifications on server-side (config.json )
    “dutyNotification”: true/false
  • Scene management menu customization (more info in the Config guide PDF )
    • objects
    • speed zone speeds and radiuses
  • Callout exception timeout: If the callout can't be spawned, it'll be ignored in 30 seconds to prevent 'hanging' calls
  • Callout loader (can only be seen if the callout takes more time to spawn, can be seen frequently in OneSync)
  • Partial OneSync support (still not recommended!)
    • Callouts may fail to spawn frequently, especially those that are very far away from the player
    • If you experience these issues frequentlyturn off OneSync!
  • New Callouts:
    • Updated @NorthCam18's CommonCallouts
      • Domestic Dispute
      • Parking Violation
    • Active shooter
    • Unconscious Person
    • Slow Vehicle
    • Mugging
  • Callout info window design ( now displays the department logo ! + a bit lighter color scheme )
  • Ambient event blips
  • Errors in the vehicles.json validator
  • Allowlist wasn’t working properly
  • Cruise control could be enabled if it was disabled in the duty menu
  • Server hitch warning with FivePD (resource-heavy operations, such as saving data could have caused it - both MySQL and SQLite were affected)
  • A bug when you spam the accept callout button and could accept the callout multiple times
  • "Internet connection is required" should not be shown randomly
  • An issue where plugins would load earlier than the script itself, leading to unexpected behaviour
  • MDT error messages are now displaying the "real" error instead of "unexpected error"
  • Optimized a few more events
  • Experimental bot features (kick/ban has been removed)
    • Potential crash issues associated with those commands
  • mdt_vehicles.json
    • Vehicles will be used for the features that require police vehicles from the vehicles.json
How to update (from v1.2.4)
  • Add:
    • config/scene_management.json to your config folder
  • Replace:
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
    • FivePD_server.net.dll
    • FivePD.net.dll
    • computer folder
    • __resource.lua
    • remove mdt_vehicle.json -> use vehicle.json (see config guide)

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