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[FivePD Suggestions]

Reason for Locking

By BGHDDevelopment, on 12/02/20 04:45 PM.


Greetings GTAPM,

My apologies if I am posting this suggestion in the wrong topic.
An issue that I've noticed with fivepd is that the use of Fire-Fighters is somewhat pointless.
They tend to respond on scene, only to sit there and not do anything.
Myself and my community thought it would be cool if a possible implementation where Fire-Fighters would:

A) Put out fires [fire extinguishers for small vehicle/brush fires - Fire Truck hose for large/structure fires]
B) Extract victims from vehicles & conduct CPR [saw can be used if doors are locked]
C) Assist with search and rescue operations. Being allowed to search specific areas (on your command) & report any findings,
being able to carry a wounded victim on a stretcher (2 of them)
D) Having an option to request for FireFighter (Marine Unit) where they could respond to water calls on a boat

If none of this is possible, then that's understandable. I just thought I'd throw our suggestions out there.

Kind Regards,
Carson M.

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