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Wounded Warrior Project


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As we start to reach the end of 2020 and begin to enter the holiday season, I figured the right way to end this year is to do our final charity fundraiser. For our last fundraiser of 2020, I have decided that GTAPoliceMods will be giving back 100% of our VIP funds from December 1st to the 31st to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veteran service organization that help those in the United States Armed Forces that have been hurt physically or mentally during the line of duty. I know several of our members and staff of GTAPoliceMods are current or former military personnel or know someone who is or is currently serving in the military. This is our way of giving thanks and helping those who fight for our freedoms. If you are already a VIP member and would still like to contribute by gifting someone you know VIP, then please feel free to reach out to us at support.gtapolicemods.com. If you wish to purchase or upgrade your current VIP plan click here.


To kick off the fundraiser, our community affiliate @Brian S from Sonoran Servers will be contributing $250 towards the fundraiser. I myself will also be pitching in $100 too. That is a total of $350 that we have already raised towards our final fundraiser of the year. For more information about Sonoran be sure to visit their affiliate page here. They also offer free FivePD server installation with the purchase of a VPS server. For more information regarding their VPS servers please click here.


I've said this before, and I will say it again, GTAPoliceMods is not just a gaming community; we all share the same passion for giving back and using our platform to make a difference in this world. Come January 1st of 2021, I will be posting a reply to this topic with the total amount earned and a screenshot of successful payment for verification. So far this year, GTAPoliceMods has given over $1,050 to several different charities such as Feeding America ($731.50), Louisville Metro Police Foundation ($185.00), National Breast Cancer Foundation ($140.80), and now our final fundraiser this year. 


I want to thank our VIP members for making this community thrive and allowing us to give back to good causes for those in need. It is also thanks to you, our members who use and interact within GPM every single day. Without you or your commitment towards GPM, we would not be where we're at today. With that said, on behalf of the entire team here at GTAPoliceMods, I would like to wish everyone a great Christmas and a happy new year.


If you wish to purchase VIP, please consider clicking here or by clicking on the "Purchase VIP" tab.


Kind regards,


Community Director of GTAPoliceMods

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Kind regards,



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