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Making more callouts?


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before i get started with my idea here, please keep in mind i have no background in making callouts, nor coding, so i don't know if this is even possible, but ive seen a few videos on making callouts and such, and to be honest, it seems like its more work that its worth for me to do it. at the same time, i think that the only thing that holds back FivePD as it stands currently, is the lack of possible callout packs to use in your server, i was curious if instead of making your own callouts, if it would be possible to edit an already made lspdfr callout (with the owners permission of course) to work with FivePD. to the untrained guy, it seems like this would not be that hard, as all the coding to call peds, vehicles, and events should already be there right? Maybe im completely wrong, but if someone knows more about this, or thinks its possible, i would love to learn more from you all!


thanks for taking the time to read this!

- commodore 

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Well, yes and no.


FivePD and LSPDFR run on two different platforms (RPH, FiveM), and utilize different sets of logic. FivePD and LSPDFR, or the RagePluginHook and FiveM frameworks and layout, are also noticeably quite different. The constructors for each callout and callouts in general are executed, structured and written differently. Besides that, the logic, or code snippets required to properly execute certain things, are different between RPH and FiveM. Therefore, you couldn't really "port" over callouts from LSPDFR to FivePD. That's the technical part of it, I doubt you'd be able to convince the authors of closed source callouts to allow you access to their code also.


The only thing you could really do is look at how certain things are ran using working code from LSPDFR, and attempt to write equivalent code using FiveM logic. There is no direct conversion between platforms.


Although, if you are interested in creating your own callouts, I'd recommend watching some YouTube tutorials on both FivePD and FiveM script creations (FiveM C#, not LUA).

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