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Database connection could bot be established

Reason for Locking
Solved by changing db password.

By BGHDDevelopment, on 11/26/20 02:31 PM.


I have decided to go ahead and install FivePD on my existing FiveM server.  I installed mysql, made a user, made a 'fivepd' database (imported the sql file), and installed phpmyadmin for easy management.  I worked out the flaws and I am able to remotely connect to my database from other servers but I am getting this on start of the FivePD script saying,


 An error has occured: Database connection could not be established. Verify your connection details in the `config.json` file. Make sure that the database IP:PORT is correct (eg. might be located on a separate server).
[ FivePD ] Unloading FivePD...


I triple checked my config and everything looks good, correct IP, username, database, and password and it still gives me this error.  Any ideas?

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On 11/9/2020 at 10:15 PM, koltl said:

I seem to have fixed this problem by changing my password for the user, I am guessing special characters within the password gives the error?

Depends what you mean by special characters, emojis/random special characters not found within the typical QWERTY keyboard (best way I can put it) usually cannot be used in the database.




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