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Callout initiated by online player


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Very new to FivePD / FiveM , have succesfully setup a home server that a few of us play on. Now this may already be possible, but would like to be able to have on duty players recieve a callout, or notification of last known position of any off duty players that have gained a wanted level.  Or something similar that would facilitate a cops & robbers type scenario with online players.

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Hello there,

This is not possible at this time. The only way that I could see you doing this is by putting in a 911 script but, even then, that would just give the location for officers to respond to. You would not be able to interact with off duty members the same way that you operate with peds I would imagine.


The 911 script will not make it come across as a "callout" per say but, it will give the location and what they would like responding officers to know. You could create blank reports in the CAD system with FivePD so, you could always just have your officers create a blank report based on the information that they observed while on the call.

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