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Issues with FIvePD seems to not be loading


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By Benzaboy, on 11/01/20 08:12 PM.


after updating to the latest version, FivePD doesn't appear to be loading, i have reinstalled both FivePD and the database when i updated.. no errors after the server finishes loading in the console. there is no version number in the top left, and none of the menus work, i do how ever have the FivePD loading screen.


i have tried reinstalling 4 times now, all fresh downloads, and i have reinstalled the database each time, followed the written and video guide, and the only changed i made was to the config in FivePD (database details and the change from 'sqlite' to 'mysql' as it says in the update for FivePD) 


The only resources i have installed are FivePD and an admin tool (even with it removed, FivePD doesn't load), i have disabled onesync (was on by default) i do not have a firewall on or any anti virus (was told that is the cause, made no difference) i am also hosting my server on my own dedicated PC, i DO NOT use any hosting services. really not sure what else to try, FivePD worked fine yesterday before i updated, had 5 people playing and had no issues till updating. really would lov e to get this fixed as we love using FivePD




hoping this information helps 










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It looks like OneSync is still running based on the logs you have sent. While these 2 options may certainly not work, it could be worth a try:


1) Typing 'restart fivepd' in the server console and see if any additional information is displayed.

2) Ensure you have some callouts installed as none appear to be loading.

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