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Fivepd ranks


Reason for Locking

By Conway, on 10/28/20 05:04 AM.


Hello, I'm a bit confused.


When I go to phpmyadmin (my sql), there are no ranks, so I added some ranks.


But in the fivepd folder, it has ranks pre-set.


So, what does the game follow?



(I still need to fix them but id like to know what ones I should edit for something to actually change.)



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The fivepd.sql file in the new FivePD  should not have any entry's for ranks. it should just have the base table setup ..  ID, DEPT, RANK, PROMOTE, ETC,..  "See capture.jpg"


I would remove and current ranks from your data base.  then import the correct fivepd.sql file from the new fivepd download..   As the Ranks.json file you have is no longer used.


Go into your MDT ingame and create 1 rank in a dept,  then go into your sql data base and export ranks to a file. . and use that file as a base when creating your new ranks.   


As looking at the file you are using there is a lot of columns missing ..  and the XP Part of the ranks file is not longer needed. nor is that ranks.json file.


when you have the rank add correctly and exported it from your sql database.  it should look a little like this  " See Capture2.jpg"



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Always delete your database when updating to a major FivePD version. Example 1.1 -> 1.2!


@Papadon  did a great job explaining it in more detail!




Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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