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Fivepd 1.2.8 "OneSync is not supported!" in top left and a "?" in top right,

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Download mod again - Fixed/Dupe Thread

By Conway, on 10/25/20 10:56 PM.


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@Lawenforcementjoker Download the mod again - it's been fixed! 


(Please check other support threads before making a new one!)

Have a Spooktacular Sunday!



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2 hours ago, Lawenforcementjoker said:

Where exactly do I put it? Under which part of the server.cfg?

Just give it its own part, normaly in ours it was very far down, but that does not matter. 


Also it says using one-sync with fivepd might make errors since its untested. 

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I get the same message, any Ideas?

[ FivePD ] OneSync is not supported! Errors may occur if you don't disable it!
[ FivePD ] Set the following variables in the server.cfg:
[ FivePD ] -> onesync off
[ FivePD ] -> onesync_population false
[ FivePD ]

but I disabled onesync in the zap settings, also in the server.cfg, If I check it its off (also disabled onesync_population):

"onesync" is "off"
default: "off"
type: fx::OneSyncState

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I have also added these lines to the server.cfg file.  Since dojng so i get a diffrent message saying ..  onesync is read only.  Try using the +set in the command.   I added that. But site no result. Gets the same message in the console..  in game i dont have the one sync message at top left.  but i do have the question mark at the top right of the screen.

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