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FivePD Server Browser


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We are pleased to announce the FivePD Server Browser! This server browser allows server owners who are eligible to list their FivePD server(s) for all GPM members to view. You can find the server browser by going to servers.fivepd.com or by clicking on the 'Servers' tab within the FivePD tab.


Below are the main features that the FivePD Server Browser has. In time, we will be adding more unique features and appreciate any feedback/issues to be addressed at support.gtapolicemods.com.

  • Members can directly connect to the server
  • Members can upvote servers, which will rank them higher on the list
  • Server owners can link their Discord server invite URL
  • Server owners can specify what the server/community is about


Please click here to view the Server Browser Guidelines help document for a more in-depth view regarding requirements and eligibility.


Thank you,


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