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FivePD v1.2.8 - Update ⭐

Daniel K.

Message added by Conway,

This version of FivePD is out-of-date; we recommend using the latest version to avoid issues. Support/Bug Reports/Suggestions may/will be ignored for old/older versions. 

Grab the latest version of FivePD here.


Happy Patrolling 🚔!

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  • Development Team


Make sure to read all included PDF files because they contain more, useful information!


Major change

In v1.2 you do not necessarily need a MySQL database.

  • To use SQLite change the 'db' value to 'sqlite' in the config
  • To use MySQL change the 'db' value to 'mysql' in the config


Sonoran Servers
We have affiliated with Sonoran Servers! A purchase of a FivePD VPS server from Sonoran includes free FivePD automatic installation. We are so thrilled to be working with them to offer all of our members the best possible service. Be sure to read the official announcement below.
  • Callouts could immediately spawn after going on duty (without checking minTime)
    (This issue was in FivePD since v1.1)
  • ( Possibly ) Spikestrips issues
  • AI not found issues
  • Other NullReference issues
  • Services
  • Trespassing callout could randomly spawn vehicles/blips
  • NullReferenceException when calling new API methods
  • `No not object for entity ` error spam
  • "go to marker" marker wont go below the surface
  • And plenty of other major fixes...
  • Merged MySQL and SQLite releases
    • To use SQLite change the 'db' value to 'sqlite' in the config
    • To use MySQL change the 'db' value to 'mysql' in the config
  • 'Go to marker' key has been changed back to `Enter`
  • Callout config has been removed from config.json -> config/callouts.json (new file)
    -> also renamed the keys
  • Almost *every* key in config.json has been renamed (-> lowerCamelCase )
  • Optimized code
  • And plenty of other major changes...
  • Toggleable observation (config.json -> observation [can be either true or false] )


How to update from v1.1.4
  • Since it's a major update, it is recommended to replace everything as most of the files have changed (including database)
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