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Cars & MDT

Reason for Locking

By Benzaboy, on 10/25/20 08:29 PM.


Hoping someone can assist. I feel like it's something small I'm missing but can't find much on it. I have 12 cars in my server. 11 of them are from a pack, one I downloaded separately. All the cars from the pack the MDT opens and works fine when on duty. The 12th car I cannot get to open the MDT. I was looking in the fivepd folder at the mdt_vehicles.json and I notice the names below. Are those the names the MDT is looking for. If so, where should they be placed in the meta files for the cars? These vanilla names are used in the pack cars, but only at this line - <audioNameHash>POLICE</audioNameHash>. I know the json files in the fivepd folder and these meta files are connected but I'm not sure what needs to be changed?


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10 hours ago, Benzaboy said:

The mdt_vehicles.json file contains a list of spawn codes of the vehicles you would like the MDT to work in. If the vehicle that doesn't work isn't in this list, then that is why the MDT won't open while in it.

What car name am I looking for though. The names in that list don't match the spawn codes or IDs in the vehicle meta files for the cars that do work. 

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26 minutes ago, Benzaboy said:

The names are just the spawn codes

Yes, like I said though. The spawn codes for the pack are not in that json file, but the MDT works. 


What part of the vehicle.meta or handling.meta is the spawn code?

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On 10/24/2020 at 10:04 AM, Grandpa Rex said:

Inside the vehicle.meta look for <modelName>usethis</modelName>


Put that in that list.


Make SURE that you have a comma after each list item EXCEPT the last one.





Thanks! That worked perfectly!

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