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MDT Not Opening


Reason for Locking
No reply after 48 hours. Best way is to try a reinstall. I would install 1.2

By BGHDDevelopment, on 10/26/20 12:56 AM.




I am having issues opening the MDT. When I press B, the cursor pops up on my screen and I am unable to do anything else. I've had to F8 quit to exit the game then relog.


I have done some research and found that a common issue related to this has been too many callouts. I removed all callouts and attempted this again, however received the same result. I'm trying to see if anybody else might have a fix. No errors have shown up (minus a no callout could be loaded error as I re installed all my callouts after determining the callouts wouldn't be the issue) see the F8 text below.


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