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FivePD v1.2 - Development Update & Progress


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Hi everyone,
Over the last several weeks, we have been working closely with our FivePD Insiders to ensure the smoothest and most stable FivePD release to come. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication from the Insiders, testing team, and development team, we are nearing the end of our final testing phase for FivePD v1.2, the biggest and best FivePD update to date. Ever since day one of the Insiders getting their early hands-on development builds of v1.2, we have been able to successfully repair over 80+ major/minor bugs in record-breaking time. We have taken their suggestions and comments to heart to ensure the best possible experience for all. As we continue this last week of testing, we are projecting FivePD v1.2 to be released sometime next week to the general public. I know many of you have been waiting, and trust me, the wait is well worth it.


With FivePD v1.2, we are also changing how 3rd party developers can utilize the FivePD API system. We believe there should be an equal balance of 3rd party created content and content created by the development team. The last thing we want to do is slow down our updates and leave everything to 3rd party developers. That is why our development team is committed to listening and understanding the community's wants and needs to better FivePD for all. If you're a 3rd party developer who develops plugins for FivePD, I highly recommend reviewing our newly created API documentation website, docs.fivepd.com. We have also incorporated common FivePD general questions & FivePD FAQs to our help docs, located at helpdocs.gtapolicemods.com. Both of these are great resources and we hope you take full advantage of them. On behalf of the entire team, we thank those who publicly share their custom content on GPM for all to use, and we will continue to enhance the API system to make it better than ever before.


In conclusion, if you have not had the chance to view the previous FivePD news article, I encourage you to do so by clicking here as we went over all the features and changes projected to be released within v1.2. We want to thank the entire community for their support and love towards FivePD. In late December, something that was just an idea has now turned to be one of the best and most popular game modes for FiveM. As always, the future looks bright, and we have pages of ideas for future FivePD updates. With time things will become more stable and more existing, and we are so happy to have you along on this journey.


See you next week ?


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Kind regards,



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