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Stand alone Elevator Script HELP


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By Lucky Designs, on 08/13/21 05:09 PM.


I have downloaded a elevator script so i can use the elevators for Uncle Just's Vespucci PD Station.    This all works fine. and all the floor labeling is fine.    In the readme files it mentions u can add more elevators which i followed and used the template in the file. .  I have added the extra elevator inside the PDM Building ( 2 story MLO ).   And have got the elevator to work  but for some reason. the labeling  for this building that i have set is not working . it uses the labeling for the Vespucci floors. 


Im hoping there is someone who knows more then me about modifying LUA files.  Who could help me out . .  Would be much appreciated ?

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Can you send a quick screenshot and/or code snippet of the "readme" and of the code that you have written?

I can then help you further!


Thanks in advance.

Devin Conway

Development Discord: Click Here

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