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PIT during pursuits

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I'm sure it's a dumb question...


Is there a way to be able to successfully "PIT" a fleeing vehicle? It's hard going for realism when you can literally crash into the cars 14 times and they never stop.


If there's something I'm missing I apologize, but was just wondering if there's a way to do it.


Thanks in advance.

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That would be an awesome feature to add in. I know whomever coded P.I.S. had (somewhat) working P.I.T. working, after you requested the pit and spun them out it would usually cause the car to stop and the AI to either flee on foot or have to be yanked out of the car.


Not that I have any idea how it worked or how to implement it... But there's a way! haha.


Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy.

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